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Rentalic is SO “Web 2.0” 7 April 2010

Posted by Madeline Moy in Development.
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My friend Dan is part of a start-up called Rentalic, which recently was named one of the winners of the PayPal X Developer Challenge. Rentalic allows for “person to person renting” as explained in this excellent video (groovy drawings and voiceover by Dan).

I was struck by how Rentalic has the core competencies of a Web 2.0 company as described by O’Reilly.

1. Rentalic offers services, not packaged software. It matches people who temporarily need stuff with people who are willing to loan it. They also handle the transaction of scheduling a time for pick up and of payment.

2. The company has control over unique, hard-to-create data sources that get richer as more people use them. I like how reviews are posted for both the buyer and seller.

3. Rentalic users add value to the company. The more people who list on Rentalic, the more things that are available for rent.

4. It’s all about the long tail. Rentalic aims to serve a very narrow niche.



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