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Week 02 : Web Site Genres 7 April 2010

Posted by Kathy E. Gill (@kegill) in Course Notes.


  • From Last Week: Group/Individual Projects; Revisit Decisions
  • Geek Speak
  • Design and Genres
  • Next Week


Course Blog

  • One post/week – a week is Wed – Tue.
  • Categorize the posts : NOT “course notes”
  • Style: Capitalize Each Word In Headline
  • Style: Use the “MORE” tag

Term Project Discussion

Student WordPress Site
Each student will install WordPress on the UW student web server. Students will select a theme, install it and modify its CSS. Students will select and install widgets. The final site will be graded based on aesthetics, usability, social network integration and creativity. The site does not have to contain content.

WordPress Discussion

Discussion Leader Recap
Each student will research and lead discussion on a web-related technology. Short (5-10 minutes) explanation of the technology, how used, why important. If PPT used, please post to Slideshare.net. Summary post on the course blog would be great as resource and note-reference.

  • Sunday 18 April : 1-5 : LAMP (Linux [Danielle], Apache [Janna], MySQL [Kathy], PHP [Helen]) & CSS [Leslie]
  • Wed 28 April : 6-8 : XML [Nazoul], Javascript [Pam], AJAX [Madeline], FTP [Marc]
  • Wed 12 May : 9-11 : RSS [Jody], HTML5 [Stephen], Cookies (State Management) [Elise]
  • Wed 19 May : 12-13 : API [Elizabeth], Cloud Computing [Nicole], Semantic Web [Sarah]
  • Wed 26 May : 14-15 : Google Webmaster Tools [Scott], GoogleAdSense [Toni]

Danielle, Janna, Helen, Leslie -> let’s chat tonight about how we want to proceed on the 18th.

Geek Speak

Discussion : Design and Web Site Genres

Design is a process for developing solutions that effectively integrte task, context of use, and “user.” (read more)

Core Skills of Design (from Designing Interactions)

  • Synthesize a solution from all relevant constraints
  • Frame (or reframe) the problem and objective
  • Create and envision alternatives
  • Select from those alternatives
  • Visualize and prototype solutions

We have to train our brains to analyze. Questions:

  • What is this site about? How would you explain it to a friend?
  • Who do you think is its audience?
  • Observations on design, navigation
  • Suggestions for the designer



For Next Week



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