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Word to the wise 12 April 2010

Posted by Not JCVD in Reflection.

Nothing in this post is or should be new to anyone, but it’s about a fact that we as digital media-ites often push to the back of our minds: the web is a permanent record of our lives.

I had a job interview recently that went well enough that I met with my potential boss for a second time. Half-way through the meeting, he mentioned that he had listened to my podcast and enjoyed it.

“Podcast?” I thought, “I’ve never put out a podcast.”

Only I have: one single, poorly-recorded podcast created for a class during my first quarter in the MCDM program. And he found it. It’s been almost a year since I broadcast it to the world, and I’ve already forgotten about it.

But the Internet hasn’t forgotten. If he’s heard my podcast, he’s read my tweets, watched the silly movies I uploaded to YouTube as tests, and can probably can tell me what my cat’s name is from my Flickr Account– and knows that I am embarrassingly obsessed with her.

In this situation, the pervasiveness of the Internet worked to my advantage. I clam up in interviews, coming off as devoid of personality and emotion. My internet life showed this potential boss that I have personality beyond just what he’s seen, and that he should take a chance on me.

Still, it served as a reminder that everything I put out can come back to haunt me. If you’re looking for immortality, publish content online.



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