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An Amazing Example For A Consumer Website: Fun And Functional 13 April 2010

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The typical consumer website is dull. The boxy nature of traditional formats along with basic boxed menu bars always leave me wanting more from my online experience. The web realm has seemingly endless possibilities and I have finally found a site that utilizes multiple aesthetically stimulating web technologies while still proving to be an effective consumer resource.

Style Wars is a perfect example of a well-rounded interactive page. This innovative Flash-based website by designers at Code and Theory and digital artist Carlos Rodriguez uses creative transitions and aesthetics to create a unique online experience. Based on the Style Wars documentary film, this site explores the beginning of hip-hop culture in the late seventies and early eighties.

Visually this site is amazing. The backdrop consistently uses images of weathered artist posters, graffiti, and Hip-Hop youth as though the culture is unfolding right before our eyes. The designers provide stimulating ways to divulge information by innovatively including live video and galleries that are not only easy to navigate, but are also quick to load, entertaining, and informational. Arrows are also used throughout the site to emphasize the heart of the film- the people as well as simulate motion, even when there isn’t any. From link to link you truly feel like you’re looking into the New York world of early Hip Hop.

Every aspect of this site is applicable to the product they are trying to sell. The goal is to sell the documentary DVDs, but while doing so the designers are able to educate their audience about Hip-Hop culture through the visual and interactive aesthetic. The user is never bored as each section has unique transitions leaving us yearning to see what will happen at the next click of the mouse. This is an amazing consumer site because it holds the users attention and glamorizes a unique culture that could otherwise be lost in a basic two column website format.

In terms of the actual ordering capabilities the navigation is seamless. The front page has a link to “Order DVD,” once clicked the link takes the user to a new scene that describes the DVD and allows for online purchase. This is by far the best consumer website I have come across, it’s amazing the world web developers and designers can create just to sell something as simple as a single DVD.



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