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Big Gov Health, Government Website 13 April 2010

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BIG GOV HEALTH http://www.biggovhealth.org

Big Gov Health is like a lobby tool online .  It gives facts and resources about a common issue in our government today : Healthcare.  It brings media, the public and government officials togethers to build discussion and awareness on the current state of our healthcare.  The thing that was interesting to me though was that they weren’t up to date.  In the Get Involved section of the site , it read “Let’s promote a constructive, honest dialogue and create a positive health care solution in 2009.”  2009?  Curious.  Also, all the top news links are from 2009.  With all the news about healthcare reform right now, there is nothing really prevalent to what is happening now with healthcare.

The audience is probably middle aged and older worried about their healthcare as they get older.  Insurance is getting expensive and people are having to work longer hours.  I can also deduct that most of the audience is middle class, the ones that would be most affected by health care issues.

Some site goals would be keep your site updated.  The reason for having a wordpress site is its easy content management system.  If you want the discussion to continue, and the information being delivered to the masses, then update those sources continuously.  Allow for text testimonials, not just video.  There is a Share Your Story button but no one else gets to see that story who views the website.

There are a lot of action buttons and tasks to accomplish on this site; Sign the Petition, Tell a Friend, Join the Social, Share your Thoughts, Donate, View videos… With all these things to do, I get lost as to what I am really doing them for.  I don’t see the connection for what I am doing these tasks for?  What is the outcome or final goal for all of this?  Just awareness or is it Universal Healthcare?

Besides the buttons, there is the javascript slideshow on the home page which gives a slight insight to what the website is all about.  There are videos everywhere on the site, and for the most part they are well edited, clean videos.  Their best video is below and probably their most informative.  Although, I still don’t know what the goal of the petition would be if I were to sign it.

Off Label: Universal Healthcare from CMPI on Vimeo.

Big Gov Health

Big Gov Health, An Initiative for CMPI advance



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