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Functional, Yet Beautiful 14 April 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Design.
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Functional, yet beautiful is a phrase that should be synonymous with design everyday.  Why not?  Design should be stretching the limits and the so “called” boxes that websites are constrained to. And most of the time, it does.  Although, at times the functional gets distracted by overly complex design.  A lot of fantastic designers do not understand the complexities, and what’s more the importance of usability in internet design.  This has been recognized more and more with the updates of Web 2.0 and as we are on the edge of Web 3.0.  I think the best engagement of usability and design was the merge of Adobe and Omniture.  It gave a wake up call to all designers that usability is not just for the technical side and  back end developers, but something that should be incorporated in the design and worked together in a symbiotic relationship.  Design can help the process of developing solutions and and executing tasks online.

Don Norman is my hero.  He believes that everyday things should be designed well, and that will reflect our subconscious and essentially our behavior.  Great and easy concept to grasp but yet not always applied.  Designers have struggled with this concept because sometimes the beautiful is not always functional.  



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