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Live Strong, Non-Profit Website 14 April 2010

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LIVE STRONG http://www.livestrong.org

Pretty much a great site and organization… and of course it helps that Lance Armstrong created the foundation.  The logo, color palette, and interaction of the site without thrusting a donate button in your face makes this site legible and extremely informative.  The main audience for this site are survivors of Cancer and their friends and family.  The secondary audience would be Lance Armstrong fans.

The goals of this site is to build awareness and it has both online and offline.  Using his notoriety, Lance creates a following of survivors and supporters to build a very successful campaign.  What’s great about their site is their blog.  It is not just about cancer but also tips and tutorials for other foundations on fundraising ideas, or cycling resources.  It brings fresh content that is still relevant to the initiative at hand, which is fighting cancer.

A lot of great technologies were utilized in this site.  Numerous widgets, as well as blog, headlines and social media feeders embedded on the homepage alone.   This gives real time information to the viewers and a sense of true knowledge of the subject.  This is re-assuring for the viewers because the documentation and research is real, updated and a constant source of information for a disease that is so prevalent in so many homes today.

The most informative tool on this site is the javascript carousel on the homepage.  Not only are there 4 different slides for the carousel but also on those slides are additional tabs of information to give the viewer a plethora of information quickly without having to search to deep into the site.

Live Strong



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