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Trying to Evolve 14 April 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Reflection.
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Evolve is an important word in our culture, especially in the media world.  We all must evolve to the new technology that is changing everything we thought we knew so well.  But that is a struggle.  This blog post is inspired by the article about the Washington Posts struggle within their own company between their online and print journalists.

The Washington Post's 10 Web "Principles"

To solve the conflicts between the journalist and staff members, the Washington Post has essentially created a manifesto.  This was then sent to all the staff members to initiate the working process together… and evolve together as the journalism world makes a huge shift to online.  Print and Online are two very different beasts that must work together. It is evolving because it has no choice.  Newspaper sales are dropping faster everyday and journalists are scampering to figure out what their next move.  The manifesto that the Washington Post created seems pretty straightforward and obvious but yet it seems to be purposeful.  Giving a direction to 2 different mediums in one industry.  A collaboration, a meeting of the minds and above all… a way to help the industry from falling away completely.  Maybe something so small like this manifesto is a way to gather hope, facilitate ideas, and expand our thinking of the way a newspaper should be delivered to the masses.



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