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TEDx Seattle’s Community Voices 20 April 2010

Posted by marcpease in Development, Reflection, Trends.

What a wonderful day spent inside in the Eames IMAX Theatre where TEDx speakers described in so much relevancy the impact of community voices on our world today. From the global perspective the stories were rich in history, culture, and emphasized the awareness to be heard and their plight understood. I couldn’t help relating in an auditory visualization, as the Fandango Without Borders dancers were pounding their heels into their platform, of our founding mothers and fathers banging their own canes in historical rhythm when debating the forming of our Union. The sense of community was pronounced by these steps and music and, at the same time pondering as Blackberry, ipad, and mobile devise keys were pushed in loose coordination. Ah, the plethora of the sounds of information transferring around the globe. Maybe too much information, as Greg Bear noted so humorously  in his futuristic look at the past and the present. Is the evolution of storytelling going to really be accomplished by traditional media types? Are the silos which span the current spectrum of access eventually going to crumble as Elan Lee predicts and be replaced with more robust, interactive, and engaging media platforms? Where will the content that succeeds in the new design and development originate, everywhere?

TEDx presented well in Seattle. The right location, the right time, people, and platforms. Voices from locales and expressive faces enveloped IMAX and a question that comes to mind is when and where will we see those images again? Can the set-top box you rent from your cable company get this TEDx content over the Internet and from all sources using the public rights-of-way? Will the wireless spectrum auctions proposed to exchange analog signals to digital bring the community voices and the many sounds of the worldwide cultural heels dancing into homes, mobile devises and public sphere locations over the new competitive marketplace? Will the storytelling from TEDx remain freeform and free-flowing around the home and open to all like the reflective bounce off Fandango’s platforms? The public asset whether wireless spectrum, public rights-of-ways, sphere locales, an open Internet or a digital devise of the future must ensure access to the stories, perspectives, community voices of, about and from TEDx Seattle. Get up, like you were standing in Philadelphia, and let your heels ring.



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