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Why WordPress Is Awesome 20 April 2010

Posted by daniellegatsos in Development.

With all the hype and talk about WordPress lately I thought it would only be fitting if I wrote a post about why WordPress is effective and where you can go to learn about utilizing it to its full potential.

After researching various sites that were hosted on WordPress I am finding more and more companies, private parties, and organizations utilizing the platform as their main web resource. Why? According to an article by Derick Schaefer, a WordPress enthusiast and user for many years, WordPress is unique in that it was developed “in the spirit of writing versus software development.” Schaefer also states that WordPress is successful due to five main factors:

1. It has a low barrier of entry, meaning it is universally accessible and free because it’s licensed under the GNU General Public License. What makes WordPress stand out from other “free” software is that its capabilities are not limited to developers; writers can also use it. Domain hosts are now facilitating WordPress installations and people can begin posting on their very own personal websites in minutes with ease.

2. WordPress is customizable. Plugin installations are easy and they facilitate everything from search engine optimization to iTunes. According to Schaefer, the plug-and-play simplicity of these installations make it more than great, they make it powerful.

3. It is a natural attractor of search engines. Typically content management systems aren’t designed optimally for search engine bots, whereas WordPress is pretty much designed for it. Additionally, there are also SEO plugins (as previously mentioned) that can further optimize your SEO rankings. These plugins include All in One SEO, Platinum SEO, and Google XML Sitemap Generators.

4. Pre-made themes are also a huge benefit to working with WordPress as a content management system. They provide easy customizations and can be interchanged without losing any content.

5. And last but not least, Schaefer thinks WordPress is great because it is open source, meaning you don’t have to constantly upgrade your software to maintain an operating system. The architecture of WordPress comes in three parts: the engine, the themes, and the plugins. Skilled designers who build upon each other’s work to produce a quality content management system have developed all of these parts cohesively.

There are many ways to optimize your work in WordPress. In an article at Yoast.com by Joost de Valk offers various methods for optimization in a very straightforward, step-by-step manner. Not only does it have a structured menu that takes you through the process, it also features a WordPress SEO video and slides for those of us who prefer not to read more than we have to when it comes to website development. The slideshow itself even goes beyond optimization and talks about how to effectively promote your blog as well as how to gain subscriptions.

The possibilities with WordPress are great, it’s simplicity and open-source nature have made it an optimal content management system for those just starting out with web customizations.



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