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WordPress At Its Best 20 April 2010

Posted by elisemchisholm in Design, Development, Entertainment, Examples, Trends.

I just came across the Communication Arts 2010 Interactive Annual and discovered what I can only assume is WordPress on steroids. The Oregon Bounty site, found at bounty.traveloregon.com, is devoted to promoting the state’s food and beverage culture during harvest season. The site does a great job of providing useful information while telling a colorful, compelling story. It’s also highly interactive, offering opportunities for discovery around every corner.


An agency called Substance, based in Portland, is the creator of the site. When asked about development, Substance commented: “This was the first time we utilized (WordPress) to pull in data feeds from different databases, handle the submission and approval of video entries through YouTube’s API and create complex search results via our custom Flash map interface leveraging Google Maps API. We’d used certain elements of each of these applications separately, but this was the first time we were asking them all to play nicely with each other.”

The agency further shared that the most challenging aspect of the project was incorporating info from multiple databases to create a comprehensive, user-friendly experience. I think they did a great job of bridging the gap between the virtual world and the physical world. I’ll certainly be planning a trip to Oregon this fall.

Having just recently dipped my toe into the water with WordPress, I have a whole new appreciation for the feat Substance pulled off with this site. Kudos to the agency and its client, Travel Oregon!



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