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What Is AJAX? 21 April 2010

Posted by Madeline Moy in GeekSpeak.
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AJAX, also known as asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a set of web applications that allows developers to create interactive web applications.

The Internet of the 1990’s was pre-AJAX and therefore painfully slow. Remember having to wait for entire pages to refresh (or not) and staring at an hourglass that never went away?

Instead of having to wait for the server to process a request and send data to the browser while the user waits, AJAX allows content on a page to be refreshed without refreshing the entire page.

The “asynchronous” part of AJAX is the key. AJAX allows the user to interact with the web application while server requests happen independently. The result is a more responsive application.

If you use a dynamic website, it probably uses AJAX. Probably the most well-known example of AJAX in action is Google Maps.


  • AjaxProfessional.com
  • About.com Web Design/HTML


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