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Firebug 26 April 2010

Posted by Not JCVD in Development, Resources.

The above screenshot is a Firefox plug-in that makes putting together your blog a little easier. I was desperately trying to fix something in my blog last week, so I asked the software engineer at work for help. He was pleased when he looked down at the lower right-hand side of the browser on my computer and noticed a small bug icon.

“Click that,” he said.

Surprised at having never before noticed said bug icon (‘my computer’ is actually my boyfriend’s, who must have installed it), I clicked on it. A tab popped up showing the code of the page. He had me open my blog, then right click on the area that needed help. The tab showed the location of the code for that area, and I was able to go into my blog and quickly fix it.

Anyhow, just a tool that I’ve found really helpful in getting a better feel for HTML. It’s found at http://getfirebug.com/.



1. marcpease - 26 April 2010

Helen, good information, I’ll check in on this plug-in, Thanks

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