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Imerman Angels Analysis 2 May 2010

Posted by schmeslie in Design, Non-Profit, Websites.

Imerman Angels is a program that brings cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers together. After registering as a potential participant registrants are matched with others desiring one on one support. The website is a place for people to learn more about the program, register, subscribe and donate.

Screen shot: Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels’ mission is to provide personalized connections among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers so it is safe to assume the primary goal of the site is to provide a place for people to self-identify and register. Unfortunately, it seems the only place one can register is on the home page.

This is a missed opportunity as it makes reaching out more difficult. As users learn more about the program and are inspired to sign-up they then must remember to go back to the home page to register – assuming they remember the location of the registration form. This is definitely a design flaw as whenever you want anyone to do anything you must make it easy for them. With that in mind, the Registration button should be consistent across all pages.

Secondary, or sub tasks, on the website are newsletter subscriptions, social media connections and opportunities to donate. None of these outweigh the primary task but mostly because they are also not consistent throughout and/or are difficult to accomplish. The ‘Make a Donation’ button is standard in the left side bar navigation, however, on the page itself there are no additional links in the body copy. Again, they need to make it easy. Screenshot of Donation page with no links

In addition, subscribing to a newsletter is buried.

Screenshot showing buried Subscribe option

With regard to the target audience, I’m assuming it is 40+ as cancer is more common after the 40 year mark, although I don’t think the elderly are intended as they are less familiar with the web and are not as likely to seek support outside of their family and friends. Younger family members of elderly cancer fighters could be coming to Imerman Angels to either sign up or learn more.

While a seemingly great program, the Imerman Angels website is lacking in end user functionality. Registering to be a member is available in only one space, signing up for the email list is buried and fundraising efforts are counterintuitive. When comparing this site to the other nonprofit sites there are many flaws. It is difficult to do what users want/need to do and this is limiting Imerman Angels from maximizing the website opportunities.



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