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Pacific Northwest Ballet Analysis 2 May 2010

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Pacific Northwest Ballet is the region’s premier ballet company and home of one of the top three ballet training institutions in the United States. Its website is a vehicle to promote performances, its educational offerings and connect enthusiasts with performers.

Screen shot: Pacific Northwest Ballet

The primary purpose of this site is to sell tickets, subscriber packages, and gain funding for PNB through charitable donations. Purchasing and donation opportunities are consistent across all pages via the main horizontal navigation bar including on sub page performer biographies. This makes it easy for visitors to take the desired primary action.

Screenshot of upper navigation bar

Like many arts charities it is important to PNB that supporters feel connected to the organization and its artists. The PNB website makes these sub tasks easy to accomplish by not only having a section on the performers but also having social network and mail list subscription opportunities at the bottom of every page. By having these at consistently at the bottom keeps them present but not over powering the primary objective. Screenshot sub task opportunities at bottom of page.

The aesthetics of the site speak to the typical arts audience who is educated, affluent and female. Learning more, purchasing tickets other connection opportunities are all presented in a tasteful and unobtrusive manner.

Much like ballet itself, the site seamlessly allows visitors to move with ease throughout and accomplish what they intend. It is also straightforward: here are the ballets, here are the dancers, here is how you can help. Its clean and simple design is refreshing.



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