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E-Commerce: IconDock 3 May 2010

Posted by Scott Loughran in Design, Development, e-commerce, Examples, Trends, Websites.
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IconDock is a very sexy page and has some great aesthetic elements which help disguise it’s WordPress origins. The site if for purchasing and downloading icon sets for creative development. I don’t know why but I like wood tones for backgrounds, especially on static backgrounds with scrolling foregrounds like IconDock.com. All the content is found in the one column for content in the middle of the page, which gives clear direction for the eye. The biggest compliment I think a site like this could have is that it uses icons successfully, giving me a clear visual descriptor of where I am going when I click. I have been on several sites that deal icon sets that completely abandon icon navigation – I know! How hypocritical is that?!


The homepage is clean and direct. The design flows well and does not allow the user to wonder where to go next. The purples on the top of the content box don’t marry well to the cherry wood tone in the background, but is visually striking visually tells me what this site does. Above the content box is the navigation bar which also floats on the background and it’s chocolate coloring doesn’t go with the purple and cherry, but it all strangely works together.

Inside the content box there is a cool little carousel that previews a few of the icons available while also providing navigation to the product description page and pricing information. Below the carousel is some more icon navigation to specific icon sets, a little information and a sample of one of the newest sets, then a blogroll.

Product Details

While on the product details page, you see everything you would expect. A group image next to some product details and specifications needed for you purchase. The “add to cart” button needs to be more prominent as it is the same color as it’s background, relying on shadowing and text to make it stand out. This would create a greater visual queue for those who may not be intuitive enough to drag and drop an icon set in to the cart. Below the details, we see all the different sizes and colors the icons are available in as well as a smaller watermarked image of each on of the set.

Shopping Cart

Perhaps the coolest aesthetic feature of the site though is the shopping cart. It follows you like a lost puppy, up and down the page with your scroll and also is drag and drop. Find the icon you want? Just click, hold, and drag it to the shopping cart and drop it. Aesthetically this works for me for two reasons: First I no longer have to guess what I’ve already put in my cart and what I haven’t. Second, it visually matches what patrons do when shopping in analog. You see something you like; you pick it up and drop it in your cart. This is a natural impulse, which supports a shoppers visual inclination.



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