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Government: Gavin Newsom 3 May 2010

Posted by Not JCVD in Design, Government, Reflection.

Gavin Newsom has a very simple, rather drab website, with a few tabs across the top with information about Newsom’s supporters, press releases, etc. and large buttons to join or contribute to his campaign. The background is grayish-bluish color, while the only other colors on the page are a light blue—it is in serious need of some additional color, and clearly relies on Newsom’s handsome smiling face to carry the design.

The front page at first glance is a blog, with an article written by Newsom about America’s obesity crisis, but there are no other entries, making it just a lone article. How often is it changed? Is this the only piece Newsom has written? Unclear. More articles on Newsom’s political viewpoints would certainly make me more likely to vote for Newsom were I still a California resident.

As far as social integration, the site has Facebook and Twitter icons in the upper left-hand corner, and the eye is drawn to them because they are so awkwardly placed.

The whole site feels very amateur, though does has most of the information prospective voters need to know—it’s dull yet effective. Still, I can’t see it wowing potential voters, who I can only imagine must be its target audience.

Newsom’s site is a little different from the other government sites, which all represent departments or institutions. As an elected official, he has to worry about competition– the other candidates for lieutenant governor of California; his site feels too simple to represent someone running for the second-highest seat in the nation’s most powerful state. The design should reflect this.



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