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Government – Mayor Gavin Newsome 3 May 2010

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The top scrawling five “mayoral news” billboard pages with pause, forward and reverse was the most active header of any of the websites outlined in this assignment. This website provides a universal welcome which is clear and easy to understand ” Welcome to the City by the Bay”. The design is mayor-centric but at the same time links to direct action statements by the Mayor and also to city agencies and non-profits involved with the goal agenda of the mayor. The top story theme off the header is effective in capturing attention, and the video screen offers an engagement with the Mayor’s invite as ” directed by the city family ” ( excellent written story method ). The links for further information also provides ties to ( local) sfgov.org, (state) Recovery.CA.gov and (federal) Recovery.gov websites.

Audience: San Francisco voters, visitors to local government specifically Mayor’s office, general public, news gathering organizations, agencies interested in Mayor’s agenda and goals.

Business goals: Any business wanting information on action items and agenda of Mayor and important processes surrounding San Francisco mission of public services, development, strategies towards supporting recovery of the economic situation in California and the U.S..

Technologies; HTML. video, RSS. Video sidebar was an effective method of engagement and the interactive moving header design brought immediate interest.

Similarities: Graphic elements of bold fonts, use of changing perspectives for information.



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