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Government – Puget Sound Partnership 3 May 2010

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The Puget Sound Partnership – http://www.psp.wa.us 

is a consortium of local governments with the prime mission to assist all efforts to make Puget Sound a healthy body of water. ” Our Sound, our community, our chance” is quite direct in the assessment of this mission by agencies tied to water quality, the environment, localism efforts which are demonstrated on the website. The tie made to the Media site is evident and is customized for the inclusion of a link to the PBS documentary Poisoned Waters which outlines what is taking place in storm water runoff into Elliot Bay in Seattle. Labels off the header are clear and emphasize direct action items for a visitor in supporting the Partnership’s goals with volunteering and other activities to be taken in this region-wide effort. Puget Sound Starts Here.org is a non-profit campaign which includes mainstream media outreach and ways to connect to local activities outlined in the Partnerships Action Agenda. Of the sites in this genre , this is local, user friendly, clear in content and creative. The design for services is excellent with good touch points all emphasizing localism to key into a person’s efforts and energies in environmental activism.

Audience: general public and any environmental activist, non-profit, community organization, scientist, fishers, visitors, and businesses involved in waterways and Puget Sound.

Business goals: any business applications for environmental information, volunteerism, and involvement with local organizations for Puget Sound clean-up.

Technologies: HTML, RSS, video, widget connection.

Similarities: the site is very much using 2010 trends in design with bold graphic interactivity elements for immediate user engagement. Sketches and hand-drawn design was one difference which was obvious and works to associate public interaction.



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