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E-Commerce: Bluefly 4 May 2010

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Bluefly.com is an online retailer that sells designer pieces at discounted prices (with no offline store).  The site targets fashionistas and savvy shoppers who have a good sense of style but are also looking for a good deal.  The goal of the site it is to sell clothing and accessories but also to provide a convenient and pleasant shopping experience to promote repeat business.


Bluefly.com is similar to Nordstrom as it represents and sells a mix of brands, but differs in that it is more of a party reseller with no actual brick and mortar store behind the name.  The brand’s focus on high-end brands and its easy shopping experience lines up most closely to Nordstrom as well.


Bluefly.com has a huge following due to its nature of selling top-name fashions at a discounted price.  The site offers easy navigation via their internal search engine and organization by brands or categories of clothing.  Additionally, the magnifying glass features allows for the user to be able to closely examine the clothing from every angle.  The Bluefly logo is simple and recognizable – helpful for brand awareness and recognition.  Not only does the brand have presence on major social media platforms, but users have the option to follow the Bluefly CEO on Twitter as well, giving users an inside peak into the brand.  Lastly, each step of the pricing is shown (original price, Bluefly price, net savings) which gives the user ample justification to purchase those must-have pair of shoes.


The light fonts get washed out against the blue and grey background – I would suggest bolding those words.   Same with the text under the tabs across the top of each page – font is faded and blends in with the rest of the site.  Additionally, an easy shipping/return policy is not stressed on the site, however, since they do have a flexible 60 day return policy, I’d suggest this get communicated more clearly on the home page.  The site is also a missing the ability to add user generated reviews.  Most big retail sites have this feature and Bluefly would benefit from allowing their shoppers to candidly share feedback on their purchases.  Lastly, the site needs to do a better job of updating inventory.  It’s often the case that a user will click on an item, and there is only 1 size available – deceiving and disappointing to the site visitor.


Bluefly is a site targeted to the fashionista looking to save money on their favorite designer clothing.  Their shoppers will often have to pick through limited sizes and last year’s lines, but this target customer is patient and creative and doesn’t mind the ordeal if it means being dressed in style without breaking the bank.



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