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E-Commerce: Wire&Twine 4 May 2010

Posted by Scott Loughran in Design, Development, e-commerce, Examples, Trends, Websites.
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Wire&Twine is a site that presents the t-shirt designs of a couple graphic designers as well as a couple other independent products. Its casual personality and “around the house” design makes is playful, but also has some subtle elements that make it feel like corner were cut.


The homepage has four main sections that are organized by color scheme. First off, the pine wood header has an opaque logo in black that makes the logo look burnt or branded in to the wood. Also in the header are navigation tabs that look like real file folder tabs for the different categories. The yellow sticky note for the shopping cart is also a fun touch. When looking a little closer you can see some rendering imperfections that may not actually matter to the main consumer. Specifically on the shadowing and lighting on the sticky note, the piece of masking tape on the left side is over saturated by the scanner/flash, and the transition from the wood to the white there is some wrinkling which is exposed by shadows. This may have been part of the design, it may be corner cutting or inexperience. If part of the design though, it should have been implemented through other parts of the site to stay consistent with this light grunge feel.

The white section is the spotlight on the latest product offering with pictures of the different options of sizes and colors. Below the spotlight is the sea foam section that highlights the other shirt designs currently available while the second white section has the corporate links often found on the bottom of the page. The simple color scheme with real textures is interesting and adds some dimension to the site, but it is not consistent throughout the entire page/site.

Product Details

The details page is spectacularly simple – a big product picture with a simple product description, price and size selector. Links are presented in an orange that stands out clearly from both the white background and the main black text. You still have the wooden navigation across the top and the tab has shifted to the category that the t-shirt is designated for.

Shopping Cart

The cart page is the same as the details page, a full white page with the wooden header and navigation. Aesthetically, this is my least favorite of the pages on Wire&Twine as it has too small of text in ratio to the empty white space around the text. This may be due to the plugin with Yahoo shopping they are using, but despite the added benefits on the business side, it is not inline with the design or with the fonts and sizes we saw on other pages.



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