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Flash’s Last Best Chance 4 May 2010

Posted by sbrashear in Reflection, Tools & Tech, Trends.

Some interesting developments regarding Flash, Android and Apple. As I understand it, Adobe will be introducing Flash for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. The iPhone OS does not appear to be among the mobile operating systems that will be Flash capable. Mobile users, not all mobile users but some, have long decried the lack of Flash capabilities of the mobile operating systems. Flash is after all a resource and power hog, and if you ask Apple it has security flaws.

Just as Flash seems ready to be replaced by HTML5, Adobe announces the imminent release of a new version of Flash. And if you can’t wait to get flash videos on your mobile device, and if you have an a Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android phone you can view flash videos using the Skyfire (http://www.skyfire.com) web browsers. Other flash-based applications will have to wait until later. Skyfire looks to be a placeholder until Adobe releases its new version of Flash.

Enter the feds and an anti-trust investigation: It is revealed today that Apple is the subject of an investigation into the restrictions and controls it allegedly places on App developers. Could the result of the investigation mean that iPhone app developers might finally be able to add Flash to their toolkit? Will the iPhone eventually support Flash? Will the Flash stave off obsolescence threatened by HTML5?



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