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Forbes Blogs Analysis 4 May 2010

Posted by gjchatalas in Media.

The big media companies have embraced blogs to showcase expertise and coverage of many subjects. Forbes is no exception. The business publisher has an active online presence with a significant amount of offerings, including blogs.

For years those following business news and insights have turned to Forbes. And its website enables it better serve its readers. The website features several blogs, updated regularly, which enable Forbes to be a daily must-read in comparison to the more sporadic timing of the print product.

The Forbes website, in general, is attractive and easy-to-navigate. Its toolbar and drop-down menus clearly display the many areas of coverage, ranging from tech to the market to personal finance. Each of these pages has several categories within it. So the site packs a lot of punch, without overwhelming the visitor.

It does that with a clean layout that tastefully mixes blogs, news, headlines, video and advertising. It has a plain white background, which is similar to a magazine page, and which also more easily allows the information to stand out more clearly and colorfully. The look is consistent across its many pages, including opportunities to subscribe, sign up for the online newsletter, and to create your own account, all ways to obtain user information and revenue. Its prominent search function also helps site visitors through the vast amount of information.

The biggest problem is that the blog section is not played up, and can be difficult to find. Forbes should be featuring its blogs more prominently because they often are more timely, and readers become more engaged with particular writers and subjects. And not unlike the rest of the site, the amount of information in the blog pages is vast.



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