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IconDock Analysis 4 May 2010

Posted by sbrashear in Design, e-commerce, Websites.

IconDock is another WordPress site. It is amazingly simple and intuitively designed. IconDock licenses icons. That is all it does. Icons can be licensed individually or as set. The main graphic clearly explains the purpose of the site. The best part of the site is its shopping cart. As a user selects icons, they are added to the cart. The cart is viewable from any page. It is easy to remove icons and sets of icons from the cart. The icons are large and a user can scroll through them. Other ecommerce sites should take notice.

Navigation is relatively easy. Below the main graphic is a rail that allows users to scroll through icons. The Library or Icons page allows users to search for icons based on themes. Those sets can be found on the home page in a column to the right.  A set of tabs above the main graphic next to the header includes the Blog tab, the Icons tab, the About tab and the Contact Us tab.

Best about IconDock, aside from the shopping cart, is how there are multiple entry points for users to find for what they are looking.  They even offer free icons. From that page they also show users, the icons that are not free. There are at lease three distinct links (four if the free icons link is counted) to find icons.

While not distracting enough to detract from IconDock, there are a few things that might make for better design. In addition to the row of icons can choose from on the front page, there is a column of icon sets on the front page as well. It might make better sense to pair those. Furthermore the icons sets are not labeled as such. Though it is implied. Given the users that frequent the site are looking for icons, clearly labeling the libraries might not be necessary, because this site’s users are mostly like coders, designers and other Internet savvy folks. The only other design element that detracts from the site is the use of the wood grain background. It is a bit cheesy and dark. A lighter background might suit the site better.

Overall IconDock is well-designed, mostly intuitive and a simple-to-use website.



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