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Non-Profit Analysis: American Red Cross 4 May 2010

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The American Red Cross website reads like a blog (it’s a WordPress website) and serves as a newsroom for the American Red Cross community of followers. The point of this website is to inform the public about disasters, mostly natural. People who pay attention to this website are most likely those who are already involved with Red Cross in some way, or those who live in areas who are hit the hardest by natural disasters.

The layout is very clean and simple.  There is a call to action immediately for the viewer as a big “donate now” button is to the right as well as in one of the top tabs. Other tabs contain information on past relief operations as well as a disaster response guide for anyone interested in knowing what to do in any disaster scenario, and who to contact for help.

Visually, this website is lacking the most in comparison to the other websites. Though the images do help tell the stories, there’s no consistency to the sizes of the images in terms of width or height, they’re all different sizes, which makes the website, overall, look sloppy and thrown together. There also appears to not be much community participation in the website, which should be a big part of this website since it’s supposed to be a blog.

Out of all four websites chosen, this is the only website to have social media widgets integrated. This website has a Twitter and Flickr widget.  The other three websites have links to their social media pages.



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