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Non-Profit Analysis: Our World 2.0 4 May 2010

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Our World 2.0 is a webzine created and maintained by the United Nations University and is connected to the Guardian UK.  It maintains an emphasis on educating the public regarding issues related to climate change, oil depletion, food security and biodiversity. The viewer can choose from an array of articles and videos regarding various topics such as water wars, technology waste, the economy and various types of endangered species, there is a library of topics to choose from. It almost serves as an encyclopedia to the viewer and people who are most likely to follow this website are those who have a genuine interest in world issues, specifically those effecting the environment and quality of life for humans and animals.

The layout of the website is like a newspaper and is very basic. Images are driving this website in terms of visual aesthetics because the photography is excellent. In fact, that is one of my favorite aspects of this website and what drew me to it in the first place. The various menus are easy to choose from and overall, it’s an extremely simple website in terms of navigation.

There are various social media links displayed on the home page that include twitter, Facebook, Mixi, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, RSS Feeds as well as various Podcasts.  The videos offered on the website are produced by the United Nations University and the Guardian UK and have a journalistic approach on telling stories of climate change, oil depletion, food security and biodiversity. Visual storytelling is a really important aspect of this website and is most prevalent with this website, in comparison to the other websites.  Viewers need to have an emotional connection with the cause in order to want to donate and the images displayed on this website help achieve that goal by telling a story that the viewer can connect with.



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