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Non-Profit Analysis: People for Puget Sound 4 May 2010

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People for Puget Sound is a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation and conservation of this unique body of water. This website serves as a resource for people to become educated about the environmental issues effecting the Puget Sound and how they can get involved.  Through education using this website, People for Puget Sound hopes to educate adults and youth while having a community presence from Seattle to Olympia. They offer programs in education, science & restoration and policy & activism.

Overall this website offers invaluable content for those interested in learning more about the issues effecting the Puget Sound.  People who would be drawn to this website most likely include educators, students, marine biologists, environmentalists and anyone who lives near the Puget Sound and appreciates the area.

Visually, the website is really clean and organized. At first glance of the home page, there is a stunning image of the Puget Sound with the mountains in the background that really emphasizes the purpose of this website. From a visual perspective, this website is comparable to the Our World 2.0 website which also uses excellent photography to help tell stories of the issues, their mission, and why it’s important. The imagery from these two websites effectively draws the viewer into the causes.

The home page of this website provides various news, updates, videos and editorials in addition to providing links to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as the option to subscribe to RSS feeds and a blog. Navigation from the home page to various areas of the website fall under the tabs of explore, learn, act, connect and join. In terms of function, this website is very easy and obvious to navigate.



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