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SocialiteBulb 4 May 2010

Posted by schmeslie in Competitive Analysis.
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What is SocialiteBulb?

SocialiteBulb is an outlet for its creator’s alter ego, Sondra Finchley. Miss Finchley, whose beauty and charm has been known to inspire murder, currently has a presence on Twitter where she muses over her most fleeting thoughts. With the advent of SocialiteBulb, Finchley has an open forum for expounding on her insights sharing her view points.  Well known to her friends as a woman who is not afraid of making her feelings and opinions known, Sondra plans to bring her thoughts to the world at large so everyone may benefit from her wisdom and uncommon common sense.

Screen shot: SocialiteBulb home page

What do we want people to do? How do we want them to respond?

Sondra welcomes followers and fans; she hopes visitors to the site will follow her on Twitter and submit queries and topics, no matters how trifle, for consideration and advice. Miss Finchley intends to author her blog on a whim, so an RSS feed is recommended.

Whom do we want to appeal to? Audience identified? Success criteria identified?

Sondra Finchley intends to amuse her friends, dazzle her acquaintances and delight passers-bys. She’s assuming these are most likely men and women in need of objective insights on their own issues or other current events.

Sondra knows little else than success, but for our purposes success of SocialiteBulb is defined as site visitor comments, returning visitors and steady increase of new visitors, followers on Twitter, and a popular fan page on Facebook. Submission of topic suggestions and questions are encouraged.

Far, far into the future SocialitbeBulb may entertain advertising offers.

Who is our competition?

SocialiteBulb is a strictly personal endeavor meant to entertain, provoke and, perhaps, influence. Like most blogs it is a unique standalone piece. However, there are a few key galvanizers that should be considered due to their success and recognition.

Dear Abby is a household name and reliable source of common sense based advice, spanning generations. Sadly, Dear Abby’s site leaves a lot to be desired. DearAbby.com is amateurishly designed and does not imply the credibility or sophistication typically associated with the column. As you can see below, the site body content is left justified and the opportunity to subscribe or submit a question is added to a list of other random sub tasks in a right side bar list. The latter is particularly disappointing because the core offering of Dear Abby is to provide advice on submitted questions. That option should stand out prominently. SocialiteBulb sees this as an inspiration piece rather than a competitor.

Screen shot: Dear Abby.com showing flaws

Wonkette is an amusing source of political gossip, based in WordPress. Wonkette originally began as a general gossip site and evolved into one focused on the material-rich hotbed of Washington DC. Wonkette posts daily and encourages “tips” from site visitors, and is open to advertisers. Much like SocialiteBulb, Wonkette’s entries are off-the-cuff remarks about current events.  She also offers social networking opportunities throughout. One criticism of this site is that the Submit A Tip function is too tiny – if this were a clearer option, Wonkette may get more interaction from her readers.

Screen shot: Wonkette home page with notations


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