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Starlight Foundation – Draft Competitive Analysis 4 May 2010

Posted by marcpease in Competitive Analysis, Non-Profit.

Starlight Foundation

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness , this foundation represents connections for that child, families, and others involved in treatment and care necessary for a new quality of life. The Starlight Children’s Foundation http://www.starlight.org. is a wonderful visit.

This organization is aimed at assisting children with serious illness. The foundation through linked activities of many other organizations, partners and donation support offers a way to dedicate energy towards improving the quality of life for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses and life -altering injuries. This healing method is through activities for both families and the child themselves and include entertainment, education, and connectivity via their outstanding website’s interactivity. Audience Focus: Clearly, Starlight understands what is happening with a child as they deal with their emotions, pain, fear and isolation that is sometimes brought on with these type illnesses. One of the most important parts of of the web design is the Online communities fostered through Starlight. The communication through stories presented in short powerful video clearly indicate this foundation’s mission for ¬†resolution, care and management of child illnesses of this magnitude.

Design elements: include realistic viewing perspectives, a magazine layout which includes donation button, news, survey and a local office feature.

Page Headings: These are bold enough to draw not only interest but demonstrate information foundation of Who , What , Where and How to help Startlight’s mission.

Navigation: Both primary and secondary navigation to specific interests and necessary focus on education, In- hospital treatment, definitions of illnesses, and especially family offerings is accomplished.

Trends: The social network ties through the Starbright World is one of the most unique parts of the website and demonstrates clear emphasis on youth connectivity online in coping skills and a healthy welcoming environment through the Starlight Foundation.

Public Involvement: Starlight is well based for donations in many categories, and has a distinct focus on schools, volunteering, online auctions and a legacy action path.



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