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Integrating mobile entertainment in to our nomadic lives 5 May 2010

Posted by Scott Loughran in Development, Reflection, Tools & Tech, Trends.
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I have two kids and we like to go on adventures. Sometimes to get to these adventures though we have to drive a long time, which to a 3 and 6 year old is not always the most fun. Car entertainment has allowed us to get by though, throwing in movie after movie until we get to our destination occupies their attention spans longer then sticker books and or a titillating game of Slug Bug. With a lot planned this summer we have been exploring certain upgrades to make our cars entertainment system more technology friendly and safer (reaching in to the back to insert a DVD or hit the play button is not safe at 60 MPH.)

I am surprised by how many gadgets and gizmos are out there in the market place, but peripheral companies that make accessories and devices to integrate something in to your car, like a smartphone, is the future.  Unfortunately Moore’s Law is taking its sweet time in this market, causing enthusiast and visionaries to do it themselves. For example have you seen the guy who installed an Apple iPad in to his kitchen cabinet or the car stereo dude that modified his dashboard to integrate an iPad and his iPhone with Bluetooth and everything?! (both below)

The iPad in a harness that would allow it to act like a flip-down monitor would be awesome for movie watching for the kids. But TV rotes your brain, right? No fear. Have you seen Dr. Seuss on an iPad! The possibilities of hybrid apps that are books that can engage and implement read-along for kids, or karaoke highlight across words as the book is narrated to them can teach kids new words or even how to read. The games would give them the occasional change of pace, and for my curious 6 year old – pulling up a map that actually shows her where we are and the progress we are making might cut back on the “Are we there yet’s.”

The iPad is new, but integrating your iPod or MP3 playing phone is not, yet the car stereo market is more for plug and play than full installed integration. How long will it take? Or will the idea simply never take? When do you know if what want technologically is impossible, or if you are part of a crowd to small to create a large enough market demand for a manufacture to supply you with what you want?

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