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Web Design Trends For 2010 – Published On 4/14/10 6 May 2010

Posted by noellawood11 in Design, Resources, Websites.

Website design is an ever-changing field, with new technology and design techniques advancing constantly. What might be popular today, could be last year’s trend, tomorrow. A great website in 2010 needs to not only incorporate the latest technologies to make functionality and navigation optimal, more importantly, it needs to be visually interesting in order to attract and retain viewers. As design trends evolve and websites become more technical, it’s important for web designers to stay abreast of the latest visual trends.

Being new to web design, I decided to do some research on the latest web design trends for 2010. I found a few websites where web designers have gone so far as to predict the various types of design elements that will be the most popular this year. I picked out the top ten elements that I thought were most applicable to this class and what I hope to learn more about in the future.
2010 Trends in Web Design:
1.    Oversized Logos and Headers: Believed to leave a longer lasting impression and help create brand awareness.
2.    Sketches and Hand-drawn Designs: Not the main focus of a website, but believed to help personalize a website.
3.    Slab Typefaces: Bold, all capital letters that are eye catching.
4.    One Page Layouts: With more of a focus on personal profiles and less on corporations.
5.    Huge Images: They have a HUGE impact, visually.
6.    Minimalism: For websites more focused on delivering pertinent information.
7.    Change of Perspective: Viewers perspective will change from desktop to a more realistic viewing perspective.
8.    Interactive/Intuitive Design: THINK FLASH. Interactive design will be making a come-back this year.
9.    Intro Boxes: A quick alternative to an “About Us” tab, for the purpose of introducing one’s self to the viewer.
10.   Magazine Layout: Growing more popular due to the fact that many publications are going digital now.

Many of these design trends were important in 2009, but many will continue to advance this year as CMS, SEO and other web design technologies advance. Needless to say, 2010 will be a year of more elaborate visual elements being incorporated in to websites.


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