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Plan Overview – Blog.Deal-Digger.com 11 May 2010

Posted by Scott Loughran in Reflection.
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So far I’ve broken more than I’ve published. I plan on changing the background. I am currently playing with ideas of incorporating the background from Deal-Digger.com or creating one that has the same color scheme and elements, but presented in a different layout so not to have it confused with the actual site. I will also need to change the default color scheme of the template so the section outlining is matching the new scheme.

I have added a couple pages, as we want to have content unique to both audiences that use our site, but the pages do not display. This could be a theme issue, in which I will need to develop a new presentation strategy or change themes quickly. I do want to incorporate search in to the blog still, but feel that everything else is plugged in, I just need to tweak settings so they are more reliable.

The Plug-ins I’m using so far are:

Favicon Manager – Adds a favicon to your blog’s URL

Google Analytics for WordPress – Allows you to measure blog activity amongst readers

Share and Follow – Provides users the option to follow or share content through their favorite sites and networks. I recently made this change or break – I’m not exactly sure, but am trying to get it back to where I was.

WP-Typography – Gives support for textual elements like hyphenation, spacing control, and intelligent character replacement.

WPtouch iPhone Theme – Theme support for mobile viewing

Xhanch – My Twitter – Displays the latest action from your Twitter handle. I recently broke this and am trying to figure out what I have done.

YouTube Brackets – There site is 404 and I’m not sure what it does, Kathy just suggested it.

Here is a link to the design template I’m working from.


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