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Status Update – Janna’s WordPress Site 11 May 2010

Posted by jannaq in Reflection, Websites.

Current Status: For my WordPress site, I’ve decided to use it for personal branding. Though I don’t intend to work on the creative side marketing, I would like to use this site to showcase the work I’ve done thus far with hopes of establishing self credibility. So far, I have downloaded and chosen to use the Ipesity Personal Branding WordPress Theme, though I’m entirely sure if this is the theme I’d like to stick with. Additionally, I have installed a few plugins and created 3 pages (Who I Am, Why, and Contact) with drafted text.

Plugins: The following is a list of plugins I’ve installed so far.

Where I’m Headed: I would like to go into the code and change the background image and the theme colors of my design. Further, I think my page needs more pages such as my work experience, social media contact information, and blog. I have not quite figured out how to incorporate the blog portion into the site template (even though I’m running the site on WordPress). My site could also stand to utilize more widgets (such as a twitter feed) and plugins.

Site URL: http://www.jannaquedado.com


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