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Individual Blog – Status & Plan (T. Delrio) 12 May 2010

Posted by Toni Del Rio in Site Status.

Objective: Create an online gallery of products for a small family business in Peru: “El Indio”. This business provides merchandising solutions in Glass and Ceramic. Currently, they only have a Facebook Page.

Status: Domain (www.elindioperu.com) and Hosting (FatCow) ready. Pilot page (www.elindioperu.com/tonidr) with customized theme uploaded via Fetch ready.

Plan & Next Steps

  1. Find a more suitable theme, that allows a better product gallery.
  2. Map of the site includes:
    • Home:
      • With big visual of the products offered by “El Indio”, if possible a rotative gallery.
      • Short text explaining their product offering.
      • Social Media links (Twitter & Facebook)
    • Products: Gallery with further specifications of each product.
    • Clients: List of companies that are currently working with “El Indio” for their merchandising”
    • Blog.
    • Contact
    • Request a quote: Include a form that users can complete and send requesting more information on a specific project.
  3. Widgets:
    • Slideshow – For the home page, to have a rotative gallery – Best alternative so far is the Flickr widget
    • Calendar – To show clients important upcoming dates when they will need merchandising (i.e. Mother’s Day) – One alternative is using 30 Boxes.


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