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RBCA – Site Status and Plan 12 May 2010

Posted by gjchatalas in Site Status.

I currently have a theme that seems appropriate in regard to functionality and appearance for a neighborhood association (the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association). I’ve chosen the general layout, including number of columns and their placement. And I’ve placed some of the most obvious widgets.


I have taken cursory looks at some plugins. I downloaded and installed one that I had hoped would help me aggregate local news, but instead it just provides national and world stories. I will continue to look at other plugins that might be worthwhile.

My goal of being able to give local and neighborhood news headlines and links in a sidebar has been difficult to achieve thus far, although I know there must be an answer. I tried looking at plugins. And I also put a Text widget atop a column, but it doesn’t allow me to create links to the actual source (likely since it’s static text). If I could find a way to get in the back way to the widget that might help, but I don’t know how. My next thought is to alter the layout template so that the live area has a box that will allow me to have some local headlines.

I’ve figured out the various pages and categories that I’d like to have, although I haven’t created them all. I’ve faced a struggle is making it work in a fashion I’d like. Basically, I wanted my my categories in the left sidebar. They will appear there thanks to the widget. But the theme also puts them across the top in a bar. It looks neat, but there won’t really even be enough room for the many categories I’d planned. That bar also would seem better for the pages, which instead are listed less prominently beneath the bar. Ideally, I’d like to either make the bar the list of pages, delete the bar if it doesn’t serve my category needs, and/or possibly change the size and prominence of page links.

My guess is that this can be done by playing with the theme html and CSS. Which brings me to my biggest struggle: I’m not comfortable enough doing that yet. I’m hoping to get more help in regard to this so I can make alterations confidently.

I also need to have a logo/nameplate created that looks better than straight type. And I’d like to get a favicon, which I’ve noticed there are plugins for. And since this is both my individual and project site, I will need to be filling this with content over the next few weeks, too.


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