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Site Update – Sarah S Glazer 12 May 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Design, Tools & Tech.
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My wordpress site is going to reflect the rest of my new website design.  In order for this to happen successfully and not too much coding, then I chose a Atahualpa thesis.  The thesis was a better fit than trying to edit all the CSS and PHP pages in an already set theme.

FONTS There are a few elements that are important to creating a custom designed wordpress site that would still reflect my personal website.  The first were fonts.  I am a typography crazed designer.  They reflect personality and immediately suggest the tone of a website.  So, most of my H1 and H2 headers will be fonts that are not common to the internet.  Since typography is very limiting on the web, then I will be utilizing the plugin, Font Burner Control.   This plugin allows you to chose from over a 1000 different fonts to use on your wordpress site.  There are a few downfalls to using this plugin, like the left justification only feature and a 1000 fonts can be limiting for most designers.

TECHNOLOGIES Activating plugins are the most effective and simplest way of customizing your wordpress site.  There are a few additional plugins that I will be adding to make the site more interactive and customizable.  The first one is Slideshow Gallery 2, which will be located on the landing page of the wordpress site.  This will give the

Slideshow Gallery 2

portfolio style of services and designs that I am looking for.  In addition, I will be able to easily edit the text and the image gallery as often as I want to keep the content fresh.

LANDING PAGE The landing page of my wordpress site will not be a blog style.  It will be a continuously updated page that will be like another introduction to the website.  A few choices of where to find the latest portfolio, design talk or even additional resources.

INSIDE PAGES The most important part of this wordpress site is that it will be a place of resources, links and information. Because of this I want to make sure I add in buttons of plugins I have used, and widgets from other developers.  Making sure to have linked them to their own site and keep spreading the word.  The most important part of my work is the sharing of open source application, plugins and other technologies that make developing websites easier.


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