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SocialiteBulb 12 May 2010

Posted by schmeslie in Design, Development, Site Status.

For SocialiteBulb I’ve chosen a theme that fits and represents my brand. However, I do
want to refine it. Specifically, I want to change the centerpiece
caricature to a less-modern woman. I also want to create a logo and
favicon that fit my theme.

I’m getting more comfortable with creating categories and pages within
the WordPress dashboard. But I’m going to continue to narrow these
down to what is most appropriate for my site. I have added several
posts to the blog to demonstrate the personality of my site; by doing
this I’ve become more familiar and appreciative of the blogging

I’ve experimented with some widgets and plugins, and am admittedly
confused by them. I want to be able to better understand the
difference between them, and how to make them work better. One that
I’ve tried to install is a Twitter plugin, but it just doesn’t seem to
render or appear where I prefer.

My site is both my individual blog and project site. I have made some
good progress on both, but still need to learn how to better do html
and css editing so that the site is even better than just another
Wordpress blog.


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