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Status Update – Nicole Siegel’s WordPress Site 12 May 2010

Posted by nsiegel922 in Design, Websites.

Current status:

The digital media landscape is saturated with excellent talent so I know that when I start interviewing, I’ll need something exceptional to set me apart from the competition.  When I found out we were setting up our own blogs/WordPress sites for class, I thought it would be a great opportunity to create something that showcases the work I’ve done during my time with the MCDM program.  This personal portfolio site will also house my resume, credentials and career objectives and will link to my affiliated social networks.


I am still experimenting with the template/style, but as of now, I am planning to use Bluebird 2.0.  It’s creative which represents my style and the bird makes me think of Twitter (setting the tone for my work in social media, etc.).


  • Google Analyticator: Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google’s Analytics
  • Smart Youtube: Insert YouTube videos in posts, comments and RSS feeds with ease and full customization
  • Akismet: Checks comments for spam
  • About Me: Displays icon links to profile pages on other social networking sites
  • Xhanch – My Twitter: Twitter plugin for wordpress
  • Google XML Sitemaps: Generates a special XML sitemap to help search engines index
  • LinkedIn Resume: Displays resume from Linkedin profile


  • Calendar
  • Search
  • Tag Cloud
  • Links

Next Steps:

I need to finalize my template and would like to experiment with the CSS.  I also want to choose a font and stick with it throughout my site.  In addition to adding more relevant and useful widgets and plug-ins, I need to generate some content (and the structure in which I’m planning to use to display the content).  Functionality, tagline and navigation are also still in the works.  Lastly, I want to re-work my resume and post it (in a manner that reads well online) and determine the best method for displaying my MCDM work.  Lot’s of work to go – but I’m learning along the way which feels great.  I am definitely excited to have a polished blog by the end of the quarter which represents me and my time here in Seattle.




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