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Status Update – Stephen Brashear’s WordPress Site 12 May 2010

Posted by sbrashear in Design, Development, Tools & Tech.

I have spent very little time working on my student WordPress site. I maintain WordPress site that I pretty much wrangled to get it where it is now. I’ve been working a site that completely WordPress-based, which I hope will be live by the end of the week. While it came mostly finished, I have tweaked some things here and there with the help of Firebug for Firefox. I will choosing another template from which to work as the one that I chose has an obnoxious branding of the company who made and even if you buy it, it does not appear the branding will go away. I would like to know if there is an easy way to set up community forums using a WordPress blog of is that something that must be doe outside of WordPress and linked to from WordPress.


TweetBlender Widget

TweetBlender is a plugin that can be configured to automatically follow multiple Twitter feeds, hashtags, etc., and post them in the sidebar of your blog.  I’m not sure if web crawlers see the feed and see it as an update.

All in One SEO Pack is a free plugin (there is a pro version available) that gives users the tools to improve search engine optimization for WordPress blogs. It is one of the plugins on my new site, so I have get to see how well it works.

Clean Contact

Clean-Contact is a contact for that users can fill out their contact information and a message.

Custom Login Page

Custom Login Page creates a WordPress login page complete with your logo and color scheme, which could be helpful if a website has multiple authors, etc..

Google XML Sitemaps generates a sitemap for you website which is especially helpful for web crawlers and SEO. Sitemaps allow users to choose what pages they would like web crawlers to index.

Page Links To allows user to point to non WordPress pages in their site or elsewhere.

Multi-Level Navigation Plugin allows users to create dropdown and slide out menus.

My Page Order is a plug that allows for custom page ordering. Page order is usually alphabetical in WordPress.

NextGen Gallery is a slick javascript based gallery for WordPress. It allows the drag and drop sorting of pictures.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode allows users to put a page of their design while they make changes to or design their WordPress site. It’s handy if you’re trying design changes that you’d prefer others not see before they are done.

Google Analyticator automatically adds the Google javascript mode to every page, which allows users to study the metrics of their site.

URL: http://smbphotography.net/com585/


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