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WordPress Website Update: TechiesvsAIDS.info 12 May 2010

Posted by daniellegatsos in Design, Development.

For my WordPress page I have decided to create a social media model for nonprofit organizations focusing specifically on HIV/AIDS prevention. Since there will be various categories in this website (which will ultimately be my final project) I have decided to use a unique theme called Max…. I used this theme because it will allow me to use social media icons as part of the links to those specific posts. I also liked how it broke up the page visually with the various boxes to make it stand apart from the typical two column blog page.

I have downloaded a few plugins that I thought would be effective for my intentions. One of this is Askimet. Askimet filters comments to see if they are spam or not. One thing that irritates me about my work blog is that I am constantly bombarded with having to regulate comments because there are so many people targeting blog sites for spam now. Especially business related blog sites.

I also installed All in one SEO Pack. Basically I installed this one because I figured anything that helps with search engine optimization is great in my book.

The third plugin I am using is Cross-Theme Stylesheets. It will allow me to create a stylesheet no matter what theme I choose so that I can manipulate text, colors, etc.

I also believe that Dagon Design Sitemap Generator was a great choice for my site because it has an automatic sitemap generator. Since I want my site to get picked up by search engines I thought a sitemap would only aid the process.

The last plugin I have installed so far is Get Custom Field Values. This allows the blogger to use widgets or template tages to retrieve and control the aesthetic of any custom field values or meta data for posts or pages.

Overall I wanted to install plugins that allowed for further customization and also helped optimize search engine rankings. I know there are still a few more out there that I would like to include, but I simply have not found them yet.

My first plan for this page at this point is to customize the color. I have opened it up a few times now and noticed that the colors look different each time. I would like to reconfigure the page so that the colors remain consistent every time it is opened. I would also like to add a logo I created as a header because this is a cause I would like to brand.

You can visit my site here: www.techiesvsAIDS.info.


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