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Is this really you online? 17 May 2010

Posted by marcpease in Privacy, Reflection, Trends, Websites.
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When you think about social networking and sharing information could it just be becoming a bit too TMI?  Recently, a political fan of a local politician thought it right to set up a Facebook page for him in addition to the one that the politician already had in place himself. Imitation, humorously based Twitter accounts have cropped up too and it may be a sign that the slow economy or some election savvy trend setters are taking impersonating to another level. A level which three states are now on notice for passing legislation targeting Internet or online imposters. Four more are poised to act in this regards following the lead of Texas where “creating a website or a social networking site using the name or persona of another with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten is a third-degree felony.” Included in the short list is sending an e-mail, IM, or text claiming to be another person without their permission under the above mentioned intent. Will this sort of treatment pass the muster of legal challenges defining social networking too broadly? Who is going to do the necessary investigation if this becomes a wide spread social problem? Is online behavior such as this going to be added to the already lengthy list of similar criminal impersonation laws? We’ve discussed identity theft and management tools to make our lives easy when accessing websites, but with the plethora of applications launched each day is the reality of social identity and security a larger concern for study? You know, that doesn’t sound like you. Is it?



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