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Color me impressed 18 May 2010

Posted by Not JCVD in Resources, Tools & Tech.
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Color is not my forte, nor is it that of many amateur web designers– last month’s Geocities-izer meme is a reminder of what happens when color gets in the hands of the wrong people. The webmonkey tool is really nifty, but doesn’t do much in the way of letting me know which hues complement and which clash.

So, I’ve been doing a little research as to how to maximize my blog’s aesthetics while minimizing the desire to throw all of my favorite tones onto a screen and let them duke it out. Here are three sites that I hope to use in the next stages of designing my blog.


Last quarter’s Website Day workshop introduced me to this one. Colorjack showcases various fail-safe color combinations, plus their hexidecimal, CMYK, RGB and HSV equivalents. It takes the work out of creating aesthetically-pleasing, balanced sites. The most ADA-friendly part is that they also have a color sphere, which shows how your site will appear to people with various forms of color blindness.


Colourlovers.com has some neat tools as well, though they’re somewhat more shiny than they are functional. The free ColorSchemer Galleria widget is downloadable for Mac OS 10 dashboards; it allows you to cycle through user-submitted color combinations, and takes you to the website once you click the text. A substantial drawback though is that it does not include the hexidecimal information. What looks to be a more effective tool is the (also free) ColorSchemer ColorPix, which helps PC users find the hexidecimal info for any color on a screen. If you want to shell out $50, ColourLovers has an app that seems most useful– but I didn’t try that, for obvious reasons.


Colortools.com is another helpful resource, providing a repository of web color tools. What might be the most useful function on the site allows users to covert any color to a web-safe color; I know what colors I like and which ones I don’t, but I have no clue about maximizing a color’s appearance on a computer.

Along these lines, I found Elise’s post on color theory to be very interesting and informative– yet another variable in putting together the perfect blog.


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