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Week 8 – Site Maps, Wireframes and Storyboards 19 May 2010

Posted by Kathy E. Gill (@kegill) in Course Notes.


  • Geek Speak
  • Task Exercise
  • Term Project Work : Competitive Analysis
  • Design Tools
  • WordPress
  • Housekeeping Request 1
  • Housekeeping Request 2 : if you have not put your Geek Speak presentation on Slideshare and developed a blog post for it, please do so ASAP
  • Housekeeping : Points (caveat)

Geek Speak

Facebook remains in the news – Janna on WashPIRG

API [Elizabeth], Amazon [Holly], Cloud Computing [Nicole], Semantic Web [Sarah]

See Scott’s: Google Webmaster Tools

Resources From Peers

Task Exercise

Competitive Analysis Discussion

Did everyone get an email from me re the competitive analysis document? If not, please check your spam folder!

Before we get started – look at at least one site analysis from each of these: SH4H (doc), Elise, Stephen

  • Seattle H4H – split into three groups (3-3-4) — each group should have 1-2 people from team 1 and 1-2 people from team 2
  • Individuals – Group 1 – NFP : Danielle, Jody, Stephen
  • Individuals – Group 2 – Portfolio/Branding : Elise, Leslie, Nazgul, Scott

Working in small groups:

  • Each group develops three distinct “tasks” that are common to the genre/example site (linked above)
  • Break each task into at least three steps
  • How easy or difficult is it to accomplish this task at the example site?
  • How easy or difficult is it to accomplish this task at a site used in your analysis?

Design Tools

WordPress Lab/Discussion

  • Working in the same small groups, talk about the plugins you are thinking about using and the functionality that they provide. How much is your focus internal (how the plugins help me manage WP) and how much is your focus external (how the plugins enhance the user experience).
  • Begin developing a list of the plugins that you are going to deploy in your final project. Think of this as a draft of your deliverable to me (PlugIns used and why)
  • Now talk about site structure. What is the overall “table of contents” for the site? (This is another way to think about navigation structure.) What kind of content will live in each category? Which pieces of content will “live” in more than one category via the magic of hyperlinks?
  • Now talk about content. Those of you with SH4H, how are you going to recommend content from the old site be integrated with the new site? Others, where are you going to get your content? What content is related to social media (either crowd-sourced or developed and deployed for social networking sites)? Remember, the final project has to contain content – so this is a good time to start identifying the content for the top level pages for each section, at a minimum. Think of this as a draft of your deliverable to me (content plan new/conversion and social media integration).
  • Finally, which social media sites absolutely must be integrated with this website? Why? How are you going to do this?

Assignment For Next Week:

  • Pick one site from the competitive analysis and /re-analyze/ based on discussion of tasks and reading peer analyses. Be sure to articulate your heuristics. Post to the course blog.



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