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What the future of Web? 19 May 2010

Posted by ssglazer in Design, Development, Reflection.
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There is constant question and debate over the future of the web, and what the trends will arrive with the upcoming Web 3.0.  The best question in my head is exactly when the web 3.0 will actually arrive.  Web 2.0 took some time to finally be used in everyday context, and for everyone to agree with what that would actually entail.

So what is the future of the Web?  Where is it going?  There are a few projections that are buzzing around and some that are already in the works.


Experts say that a computer will soon be our future personal assistant.  Making searches easier and tasks a faster process.  Say you wanted to search for a night out on the town but unsure of where or what to do.  Instead of searching with a few phrases in multiple searches, one would just tell the computer exactly what they are looking to do in one complex sentence.  The computer will parse this information and deliver it back to you in a way that is easy to understand and a much more defined search than just going to our usual bing or google search engine.  The computer will essentially become a personal assistant or even some say have the compatibilities of artificial intelligence.

In addition to making tasks and searches easier, Web 3.0 is going in the direction of knowing your likes and dislikes already because it has been trained to do so.  Listening and learning the tasks that you have already completed, the computer will be able to tell you where you and what you should do at night since it knows your patterns.  This is truly a personal assistant.  But this comes into question about the safety of our lives?  Already information is being used to sell us products, build a profiling system and even track our everyday uses on the computer.  How much more information should we allow our computer to know?  Well, I guess that should  be up to the user.


Web 2.0 already has built a huge platform of interactivity for the user.  Moving elements, clickable items and even objects that have functions as they move and open on your browser.  How much more interactive can this get?  Well, my sisters favorite future interactive element is interactive shopping.  A virtual shopping experience making it look and feel that you are walking through the store, trying on clothes and purchasing items but all through a computer.  The best part of this is that the one can go shopping in a store in paris for a few hours on their lunch break without ever leaving the state.  It is like combining a video game with tasks of a user on a computer.  What does the common consumer need with the future of the web?  This is the hat as a web and trend developer must put on in order to succeed in understanding the consumer completely.

Other smaller points of interactivity are things like expandable images, and semantic web code that will help build a common language with smaller markup and faster browser upload speeds.  The mobile technology keeps building each year and soon mobile 3.0 will have more possibilities of completing tasks away from your computer.  With all these advancements, the future of the web is going to be continuously changed, updated, talked about and of course debated.  Maybe in 10 years from now we can finally say that Web 3.0 is here, available and defined.  Until then we will keep making assumptions of where we want the future trends of the web to go.



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