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Color Perception: It’s In The Brain 25 May 2010

Posted by greti79 in Design, Readings, Reflection.

I finally had a chance to review the color portion of our class blog and I decided to look up color perception and see what on-line resource would be interesting to me.  What I found was an article on how color perception isn’t in the eye, but in the brain. It makes sense and at the same time it was an idea that surprised me.  I took a number of art and science classes in high school and I love both subjects.  I also retained a certain amount of information. Such as the fact that if we are looking at a green shirt, we’re seeing a shirt that absorbs every color except green.  So what we see is reflective color.  Now I’m reading this article and they are telling me that the color-sensitive cones in our eyes aren’t really doing the work. Instead their task is to take the information, sending it to the brain and then the brain interprets the colors we are seeing.  In geek speak this means that we have an API that takes the information from our eyes and transmits it to our brain (aka the server) and then the server reads the information to tell us what color we are seeing.  Additionally, in this scenario, it doesn’t matter how many or few cones you have?  Our hardware interprets information the same way. Don’t believe me, read the article.  The high school scientist in me is excited about this and it also makes me want to jump to the conclusion that even in design, there is a hardware preference. The magic of proportions isn’t magic but part of our hardware. 

Science Daily:  Color Perception Is Not In The Eye Of The Beholder: It’s In The Brain



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