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The Public Has Spoken 25 May 2010

Posted by noellawood11 in Privacy, Reflection, Trends.

After a tumultuous month as a result of the company’s own bad decisions, it appears that Facebook may have finally gotten the message from it’s 400 million active users. Users have been frustrated with the recent changes in privacy settings that allowed third party entities to get a hold of users’ information.  There have been many articles written on the topic as well as the public and some members of congress collectively calling on Facebook to change their settings to get permission from it’s users before sharing their information.  As a result, Zuckerberg came out with a statement saying that Facebook is currently working to resolve this issue and is working to simplify the privacy settings, but we’ll see if they actually stick to their word. After all, Facebook didn’t become the biggest social media platform based on playing by the rules, they got there by breaking them.

What I have found most interesting about watching this debate for the last month, is how the public was able to push Facebook, the second most visited site on the internet, to change their policy (hopefully).  As I learn more about how our searches on the internet are being monitored and saved, as well as what personal information is being sold to third parties, I myself, continue to wonder whether being on Facebook is a good idea anymore.  I think that when people sign up to post photos of themselves on social media sites like Facebook, they are signing up to give their information away, weather they recognize it or not.  But as people continue to adapt to social media and putting themselves out there on the internet, a line will eventually be crossed – and it evidently has.

So this week, when I saw a statistic that the most searched Google term has been how to delete a Facebook account, in all honesty, I found it to be a relief to see people take a stand against Facebook.  It tells me that people do still care about their own privacy, and that the internet hasn’t completely taken over our personal lives, yet.


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