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Week 9 : Social Networking 26 May 2010

Posted by Kathy E. Gill (@kegill) in Course Notes.


  • Geek Speak – Discussion Leaders
  • Adding a Google Map to your site (more API integration)
  • Integrating Social Networking Tools and Content (API integration)
  • Revisiting Tasks/Design (group work)

Geek Speak: Discussion Leaders

Tech news: Apple v Microsoft, Facebook (Zuckerburg) on privacy, AT&T confirms new iPhone this summer (rumor)

Sites (“pulse”) you should bookmark:

Discussion Leaders:

Geek Speak : Kathy (.htaccess file via Helen)

Interesting posts from this week:

Adding a map to your site

  • When might you want a map on your site? (What tasks are map-appropriate?)
  • Where should such a map be? (What sections of the site?)
  • Google – simple map (Knight tutorial), Google’s help site (with examples), San Diego Fires (news example)
  • Bing (video tutorial – requires Silverlight)
  • Create a blog post on your personal site and embed a simple map – send it to me via email. You can delete this post later.

Integrating Social Networking Tools and Content

Revisiting Tasks/Design (group work)

Small group discussion:

  • How did your analysis change this second time around?
  • How can you incorporate these insights into your site design?
  • Work on site navigation/information structure

Prototype sites for SeaH4H-a and SeaH4H-b

  • Need names of people to add as admins with access to FTP
  • I’ll install WP to both sites by end of day Thursday

Assignments : Next Week

  • Our topic next week is SEO; come to class with a list of keywords, phrases and descriptions that describe your project site
  • Two weeks to go, so come to class next week with a detailed list of what has been done and what needs to be done to finish your project. I’ll have a peer review set up for group members to give me feedback on group member roles and responsibilities


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