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Presentation is Everything 31 May 2010

Posted by schmeslie in Design, Reflection.

My friend Dr. Phibes has a hilarious story about a ghost that stole his sunglasses. After tearing about the house in search, the sunglasses reappeared weeks later. However, they weren’t just found in a suitcase or a bag, according to the good doctor, they were “presented” on a shelf by his front door. This presentation left no room for interpretation: the shades were back and the ghost was making sure Phibes knew it.

Effective presentation, like this, aids comprehension and can ensure an idea or concept is absorbed. At my work, presentations are at the forefront of our everyday lives. We are constantly refining the way we communicate our product features for the sales team and in our webinars because we know comprehension is key to keeping people engaged; this is true whether a person is on a website or in a staff meeting.

In this class we’ve talked at length about website design – in essence how to format them in a way where the point and action possibilities are evident to viewers; by doing so web designers improve user experience and, therefore, maximize the communication tool. Proper presentation of entries and user options is a must if a site is to attract and sustain readers. This is done through textual and graphical clues and an intuitive hierarchy of information.

When I consider my website, SocialiteBulb, I see it as a cute place for me to share my ideas, but I know that cuteness must be balanced with the needs of the end user. In short, how I present my site will make it stand out from the ten or twenty other sites users may visit in a day.



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