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Behind the Curve Ball 1 June 2010

Posted by sbrashear in Reflection, Trends.

I don’t much care for Facebook. I do have an account. I have two in fact: a personal account and a business account. I know I should do more with them. But Facebook simply doesn’t interest me. It’s not that I think FaceBook is evil. I get it. I understand the attraction, but it’s just not that attractive to me.My accounts have very little information about me. Any site that asks for information about me gets as little as possible. It’s something I did before I ever did anything on the Internet.

However, I learned tonight that blogs are out and Social Media such as FaceBook and Twitter are the real way to engage customers/clients. Blogs are now a part of ‘old media’ as they a mostly one-way conversation. Twitter and Facebook are a dialogue, or more of a dialogue.

So it looks like I’m going to need to get interested in Facebook. I already Tweet Twitter and generally flutter, but I need to figure how to set up my Facebook account for my business. Because of my general disinterest in Facebook this could be a task as I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have logged on to Facebook this year.

So blogs are out and Social Media is in. It’s too bad because I like blogs for the most part. Perhaps because seem to be more substantive, though that’s probably not fair because I’m in no position to be judging substance on Facebook.

And as a journalist, I’m supposed to be a brand. According to a fellow photographer, I can no longer lurk in the background, be the fly on the wall and let the pictures speak for themselves (Not that my pictures had much to say). I’ve never been much for brands and now I must become one. It’s probably a lesson that I should have learned in my first years of freelancing full-time.

So my check list is to 1) setup of Facebook for my business and 2) become a brand. And 3) figure out what will replace Twitter and Facebook so I can get ahead of the curve.



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