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Social Media Mining 1 June 2010

Posted by marcpease in Applications, Competitive Analysis, Design, Development, Examples, Privacy, Reflection, Trends.

Just when you thought maximum data mining for personal information was so over, look out! More modeling functions are on their way in a new classification model from IBM – the SPSS Modeler 14 Premium Edition. This software will track customer sentiment and influencers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media in order to assist those businesses like telephone, insurance, consumer electronics, and others which want to find out more about what your personal habits, behaviors, product interests surround so that marketing programs can be developed to yes, sway your decision making.The SPSS Modeler 14 includes techniques such as interactive visualization, linear regression ” boosting and bagging” , and scenarios that can integrate predictive behaviors of customers. When we are comparing those websites in our analysis for ease of use, demonstrated functionality, design objectives and overall understanding of information, this newly developed tool might contemplate your emotional states, your blog messaging, wiki descriptions, and other “generational slang” using one-hundred-eighty industry specific jargon characterizations or taxonomies. As one IBM analytic strategist puts it,”this type of customer or consumer social media analysis is headed mainstream”, right into the retailers’ cadre of best business practices. How will this development activity effect what websites are now facing in changing privacy regulation, targeted advertising data mining techniques, and the opt-in or opt-out consent movements here and in other countries? All of this, of course,  aimed long term in improving customer service, products, and communications.



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